Simon Cox | Kaleidoscope Man

Simon Cox British Independent Film Maker.Film maker Profile: Simon Cox – Kaleidoscope man

Simon Cox has worked in the UK TV and Film industry for over 20 years for the BBC, Channel four and five as well as directing a feature film of his own and is now attempting to make Independent film history by writing and directing a full-on sci-fi thriller – Kaleidoscope Man.

Simon is currently shooting his Sci-Fi feature film “Kaleidoscope Man” whilst simultaneously crowd funding the shoot on the pioneer crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Continue reading Simon Cox | Kaleidoscope Man

5 Psychological horror thrillers that could have been low budget

I love a good slasher horror, preferably one that grosses me out, makes me jump and has grown adults hopping the gap under the bed (don’t lie, we all did that after paranormal activity) and as any horror fan knows, low-budgets can often bring out the best in film-makers. Psychological horrors and thrillers though tend to demand bigger budgets than a lot of horrors, probably since they tend to be seen as slightly more highbrow. Is it necessary?


The thing about psychological horror is that it gets into our heads Continue reading 5 Psychological horror thrillers that could have been low budget

Crowd Funding for Film Makers by John T Trigonis


Crowdfunding for Filmmakers Cover

Crowd Funding for Film Makers by John T. Trigonis is the best first port of call if your thinking of running a crowd funding campaign.

Read it at least 4 months before you plan to start.

If you can’t do what’s recommended before you start the campaign, delay it until you can.

Good luck.

John’s crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo, “Cerise“.


Former National Spelling Bee champ is haunted by the word that took him down.

John Trigonis @Trigonis



Twitter: @Trigonis

Video | Savage Blood writers talk about the story & characters

Juliane Block and Wolf Peter-Arand talk about the Savage Blood story and characters.

Savage Blood is  psychological horror film being shot in Berlin Germany in 2015.

If you would like to read about the writing of the story please visit the Zineloft blog post by Wolf.

Written & Directed by Juliane Block and co Written by Wolf-Peter Arand.


Juliane Block | Savage Blood

Juliane Block on set directing Emperor (2008)Filmmaker Profile: Juliane Block – Savage Blood

Juliane Block  has worked as graphic designer for clients like Siemens VDO, VW Autostadt, New Yorker and Unilever.

She has lived as freelance designer and filmmaker in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia,.

Her achievements include 2 feature films,  more than 10 short films, music videos, commercials and travel documentaries.

Continue reading Juliane Block | Savage Blood

The Crowdfunding Pitch Video & the Importance of Feedback

Savage Blood Indiegogo Pitch Video:

We will be filming  Savage Blood in the forests near Berlin Germany sometime in early 2015. If you like this video please share it, the crowdfunding campaign is on Indiegogo.

As you may know from our pitch video, one of the most challenging (and awesome)  things about Savage Blood is the fact that as a crew, we’re collaborating across the UK and Germany spanning two independent film industries and audiences. Continue reading The Crowdfunding Pitch Video & the Importance of Feedback

James Westbrook | White Awake

james_westbrook_profileFilmmaker Profile: James Westbrook – White Awake

By Clare Shields

James Westbrook is a cinematographer and director of photography who has shot several short films and many music videos.

James is passionate about film and its romantic image, and his cinematography has spanned across short films, music videos, and commercials.  He has worked on film, digital and video productions for clients including Sony, Toyota, Amazon, Ebay and The Prince’s Trust. Continue reading James Westbrook | White Awake

Hainsley Lloyd Bennett | White Awake


Actor Profile: Hainsley Lloyd Bennett – White Awake

By Clare Shields

Hainsley Lloyd Bennett is a London based British actor who attended the Ealing based Questors Theatre School and works in Theatre, Film and TV.

He’s worked on television commercials for organisations including The Times, Tuborg, Malibu & McDonalds. In 2008 he played in the long running BBC TV series Casualty. Continue reading Hainsley Lloyd Bennett | White Awake

Alex Kyrou | White Awake

FAlex Kyrou on the set of The Ghosts music video.ilmmaker Profile: Alex Kyrou – White Awake

By Clare Shields

Alex Kyrou has worked for many years in the film industry both in the UK and Canada.

Alex has worked on the visual effects of many feature films from  Shawn Levy’s Night at the Museum 2006 to  Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows 2012.  Continue reading Alex Kyrou | White Awake

Celebration By Andrew Elias

Two men, one room, no time…

Directed by M. Roz Hall Written by Sparky Noonan Produced by CiaoHandy Michael: Jos Lawton Colin: Andrew Elias Camera Assistant: Ross MacLauglin Sound: Peter Lancaster Stills Photography: Claire Shannon.

Masters of Cinema – Alfred Hitchcock. 1972