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Alex Kyrou | White Awake

FAlex Kyrou on the set of The Ghosts music video.ilmmaker Profile: Alex Kyrou – White Awake

By Clare Shields

Alex Kyrou has worked for many years in the film industry both in the UK and Canada.

Alex has worked on the visual effects of many feature films from  Shawn Levy’s Night at the Museum 2006 to  Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows 2012. 

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Alex moved into directing music videos to exercise his passion for storytelling through Sixty Clicks Productions (

Later this year he plans to direct his independent short film White Awake.

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White Awake is a short film about innocence, loss, and the social masks we wear.  It is a touching visceral story about connection and the depths and obstacles of confronting emotion.

Joshua is a successful accountant who seemingly has everything.  Intelligent and refined, but he isn’t whole.  During a therapy session, he recounts several stories about his hoarder friend Robert who lives with his wife and adopted son.  He is later confronted with a question regarding his story: “does it mean something to you?”

Not only he is aiming to direct an emotionally hard-hitting short film, but he is also hoping to create striking visuals.

Alex will be taking the unorthodox approach of partly shooting White Awake on 16mm film, a rarity in a business now dominated by digital productions.  He also plans to have an original music score to help support the reflective and wistful mood of the film.

Alex’s reel:

The Ghosts Underrated music video, directed by Alex:

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Clare ShieldsWritten by Clare Shields

Producer of White Awake at Sixty Clicks productions.

Twitter: @lil3birdy

Clare is a London based designer with a background in print design and a love of paper stationery, textiles and homeware.

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