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Juliane Block on set directing Emperor (2008)Filmmaker Profile: Juliane Block – Savage Blood

Juliane Block  has worked as graphic designer for clients like Siemens VDO, VW Autostadt, New Yorker and Unilever.

She has lived as freelance designer and filmmaker in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia,.

Her achievements include 2 feature films,  more than 10 short films, music videos, commercials and travel documentaries.

Juliane Block on set - make up artistJulians filmmaking career started in Germany as a special fx make-up artist on an underground Zombie flick “Mutation“, released on DVD in 1999 followed by producer & screenwriter credits on several other shorts including. “Killerbus“, released on DVD in 2004.

Emperor 2008 movie posterShe directed her first Feature film in 2008 called Emperor which was based on the novel “Emperor”by Braham Singh.

The film was shot in Malaysia Guerilla style on a micro budget but despite that it included action including car chases and fighting.

Emperor was financially successful selling on DVD and streaming video.

The genesis for the “Emperor” project was to do a practice movie, with absolutely no money using any and every available resource around us.  Emperor won the Feature Category of the Portable Film Festival (August 2008) and got nominated for best cinematography at the 4th Asian-Pacific Festival of 1st Films, Singapore, (4th – 10th December 2008) – Juliane Block


The Malaysian underworld is at war with the Hong Kong Triads, an invisible feud kept from public eyes. But when a young girl gets murdered, the case blows up in the headlines. Everyone is a suspect.

Juliane  directed her second feature Kinks in 2011 with co-director Virginia Kennedy.

Kinks 2011 directed by Juliane Block and Virginia KennedyAlso filmed in Malaysia, Kinks was micro budget- the different producers put together 15K USD to shoot this comedy mockumentary about two twin sisters, who are far from being alike; one looks dark, and one looks white.

Kennedy & Block: “We wanted to show the cultural clashes and misconceptions between East and West but also the similarities of two sisters ultimately being just humans. Kinks celebrates all cultures. It looks at Malaysia, which is different from our western upbringing, in a humorous way from the perspective of shooting a crazy reality program in the country. We want everyone to appreciate Malaysia by seeing Kinks.”

Kinks trailer

Juliane returned to Germany in 2011 and has since worked on several feature film scripts.

Inner District 2012 Clapper boardHer crowd funding campaign ‘The Inner District’ won the Google sponsored Indiegogo competition ‘Gründergarage’ in 2012.

Her feature film script “Foster” was nominated as one of the top 25 in the Screenplay Replay Contest.

Finally “Savage Blood”, co-written with screenwriter Wolf-Peter Arand became her next script going into pre-productionand currently crowdfunding which you can check out here: http://www.igg.me/at/savageblood

And as final goody, you can watch here her full first feature for free:

Emperor (2008) Feature Film Directed By Juliane Block.


Juliane is currently working on her Psychological horror Savage Blood.

Written by Juliane and Wolf-Peter Arand Savage Blood is the story of a woman who on escaping from her kidnappers discovers the man helping her to escape is her attacker from 15 years earlier.  The man who served time in prison for the attack is her only way out of the situation but she doesn’t not know whether she is better or worse off than before he rescued her.

Savage Blood on Indiegogo until 25th October 2014

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