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Video | Savage Blood writers talk about the story & characters

Juliane Block and Wolf Peter-Arand talk about the Savage Blood story and characters.


Savage Blood is  psychological horror film being shot in Berlin Germany in 2015.

If you would like to read about the writing of the story please visit the Zineloft blog post by Wolf.

Written & Directed by Juliane Block and co Written by Wolf-Peter Arand.


The Crowdfunding Pitch Video & the Importance of Feedback

Savage Blood Indiegogo Pitch Video:

We will be filming  Savage Blood in the forests near Berlin Germany sometime in early 2015. If you like this video please share it, the crowdfunding campaign is on Indiegogo.

As you may know from our pitch video, one of the most challenging (and awesome)  things about Savage Blood is the fact that as a crew, we’re collaborating across the UK and Germany spanning two independent film industries and audiences. Continue reading The Crowdfunding Pitch Video & the Importance of Feedback