Simon Cox British Independent Film Maker.Film maker Profile: Simon Cox – Kaleidoscope man

Simon Cox has worked in the UK TV and Film industry for over 20 years for the BBC, Channel four and five as well as directing a feature film of his own and is now attempting to make Independent film history by writing and directing a full-on sci-fi thriller – Kaleidoscope Man.

Simon is currently shooting his Sci-Fi feature film “Kaleidoscope Man” whilst simultaneously crowd funding the shoot on the pioneer crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

When psychiatrist and father-to-be Thomas Dunn’s patients begin to share terrifying visions of the destruction of planet Earth a chain reaction is begun which could threaten everything that he holds dear. He and a group of his patients must battle their own demons as well as invading aliens in Earth’s last stand.

Kaleidoscope Man Alien Ship Attack
Kaleidoscope Man Alien Ship Attack

Simon’s first ever short film “Battle in Outer space” 1980 was shot on Super 8 with a budget of £20. In 1999 he received 136k in funding from Dandelion films to make ‘Written in Blood’, a horror film shot at Pinewood Studios. However, like many other filmmakers he found that grateful as he was for the support, his original vision of the script was compromised and he ended up with a film that didn’t ultimately feel like his own.

That is why Simon has now turned to crowd funding to get his new brainchild Kaleidoscope Man made; he wanted to make a Hollywood worthy action sci-fi film which connects with people on an emotional level and what better way to do this than to involve the audience themselves. So far people haven’t failed to respond and not just with regards to funding. From turning up en masse to be blasted by alien spaceships in Birmingham city center to showing their support on social media people have responded to Kaleidoscope man in a big way.

Birmingham Night shoot with lead actress Lucy Drive.Kaleidoscope Man night shoot  in Birmingham UK at the end of March 2014.

With lead actress Lucy Drive, Director of photography Gordon Hickie and Director Simon Cox.


Written in Blood Trailer.

Alphastar Productions

Kaleidoscope Man


Twitter: @SimonCoxFilm

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  1. Really excited about this. I did notice actually that I was in the film trailer for a few brief moments haha. I think crowd finding is brilliant when you can inpact on the film itself and in this case, being in the film as an extra. Wishing Simon Cox all the best and I look forward to the finished product (Not to mention watching Graham being zapped by aliens!)

    1. Thanks Mark

      I noticed you were in the trailer about three times, looks like getting to the front of the crowd was a good move, well done.

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